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SignSpace is more than a traditional digital signing service. It´s primarily a business collaboration platform, where advanced digital signing capabilities are included. In addition to digital signing, SignSpace also provide organisations the means to create, share, refine, organise and store any digital content. All this is done in a trusted and secure cloud environment. SignSpace provides scalable solutions to organisations of all sizes.

Small and medium size organisations may choose to manage projects and store documentation. Advanced integration capabilities allow large organisations to integrate digital signing and collaboration to their own corporate systems. Stakeholders may choose how they wish to access and manage the information, by the use of the SignSpace application or from their own business system via integration. The SignSpace ecosystem enables innovative partner solutions and integrations by 3rd party application.

SignSpace version 1.1.1 available to users starting January 16, 2018

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Collaboration in a secure business ecosystem

SignSpace provides secure storing and sharing of confidential information. Each user's identity is strongly verified before they are given access to any shared content. A secure application infrastructure, as well as the identity verification makes SignSpace suitable for any type of collaboration with employees, customers, suppliers, partners and other stakeholders.

Please note that during the SignSpace pilot some security elements are not fully implemented.

Digital signing for anything and in any context

Completing approvals, agreements, transactions and authorisations usually require signatures. SignSpace makes the signing of any digital content easy and allows you to share content, with all needed stakeholders, without any extra effort in the right business context.

The digital signatures provided during pilot have limited usability.

Organised group and project information

Group collaboration areas, called "Spaces", bring relevant stakeholders together around a common subject. A space can be created for a project, business unit, contracts processing or any other use that requires group collaboration. The "Spaces" help to keep conversations, tasks and files organised.

Optimised workflows for any business need

SignSpace allows limitless freedom to connect various business activities and messages together. Conversations and workflows are built ad hoc by the people using SignSpace to fit their on-the-spot business need.

API adds digital signing and secure collaboration to existing business systems

Developer friendly API facilitates two-way-integrations of SignSpace with a customer business system and partner applications. The SignSpace integration allows the use of different applications for sharing the same information. You can initiate a digital signing workflow based on a document stored in your business system, or have a website form digitally signed and manage it´s content in SignSpace.

Content stored for future use

SignSpace stores all digitally signed content for 10 years with no additional cost. During that period the content is available to any user with sufficient access rights. The validity of the related digital signatures is verified by an independent verification service.

Fully mobile workflow

Organisations of today require mobile solutions, and SignSpace is built for that. We´ve designed SignSpace to be used not only on desktop computers, but the service is equally well adapted for mobile users.

A workflow, which was started on your computer, may be easily completed while travelling simply by logging in to the service anywhere. Users can create conversations, respond to messages, sign documents and complete tasks while being away from their desk.

SignSpace Pilot

SignSpace was released for pilot use in October 2017. Initial pilot functionality covers simple conversation collaboration as well as document review and task management. Initial pilot functionality also covers the digital signing of documents. Users and organisations can take part in the pilot simply by registering to the platform.

What does SignSpace cost?

SignSpace is completely free of charge during the pilot. Just create an organisation account and you can start unlimited collaboration and document signing.

How to join?

All you need to do to join the SignSpace pilot is to register for the service. You need to register as a private user initially, then you can proceed to register your organisation account. Once you've registered an organisation account, you may freely invite other organisations and users to join SignSpace.
SignSpace is part of the KIRA-digi program
KIRA-digi boosts the digitalisation of the built environment and construction sector! The Government’s key project involves ministries, municipalities and the KIRA forum. The aim is to create an open and interoperable information management ecosystem for the built environment. More about KIRA-digi